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 Patchfur/Pooky Speaks: Leaving the Clan

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PostSubject: Patchfur/Pooky Speaks: Leaving the Clan   Sat Feb 12, 2011 8:26 pm

I am Patchfur, or at least thats what other cats call me, the twolegs call me Pooky. Dumb name, right? Anyway, I was born in CreekClan, though now I am a kittypet, and here is my story....

I was just recently made a warrior, when I met this cat called Nightwind, *sigh* it was love at first sight! Anyway, a few moons later, my friend Fernpool noticed I was going to have kits! I was so surprised! But happy, of course! I told Nightwind and he was filled with joy. Fernpool herself was having kits, too, though she and her mate Icetooth's kits were going to be there soon.

When I had my kits, me and Nightwind called them Poppykit and Cherrykit.

Not long after they had left the nursery, I met this cat called Brew, at first I thought he was a loner of rogue, but I had no idea he was a kittypet! He had strong shoulders, he was huge! He also had a few scars on him. I visited him every time I could, then I remembered Nightwind, would he find out?? I hoped not, so I shared fresh kill with him every day, it was hard, having 2 mates! Brew let me into his Twoleg nest, it was so cosy in there, and the food tasted yummy! So I gave up Clan life, and became a kittypet. Nightwind was so upset. But he didn't care for me in the way Brew did. Brew's Twolegs took me in, and soon, I had Blaze, our son. I knew Poppyfall and Cherryleaf didn't and would probably never know about Brew and Blaze, but that didn't bother me.

Nightwind had left the Clan too, I had saw him with some rogues fighting a dog once, he must have forgotten me, I was sitting on the fence for a long time and he didnt even look up.

Me, Brew and Blaze are still living in that Twoleg nest now, and I have still not forgotten my kits, Poppystar and Cherrystar, or Nightwind, though he forgot me. Cherrystar and Nightwind are dead now, and in StarClan. I do still believe in StarClan, even though I am a kittypet, and Cherrystar has visited me once n my dreams.

Anyway, thanks for reading :)





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Patchfur/Pooky Speaks: Leaving the Clan
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